New Chapter – guest post by Gene Buchanan

I'm very pleased to introduce a guest post! Thank you, Gene, for this lovely piece. 'New chapter', 'new beginning', 'a fresh start' - there are many connotations and ways of saying that we are moving on and starting a new life.It may be viewed as being necessary, healthy, invigorating, cathartic or even frightening when someone… Continue reading New Chapter – guest post by Gene Buchanan

For The Love Of Dr. Seuss

Last week I shared a quote from Oh The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss. It's too much of a gem to not share more. I love Oh The Places You'll Go. I think it’s one of the marvellous Dr. Seuss’s most fantastic works. It follows a little human through the voyage of life. Pushing boundaries.… Continue reading For The Love Of Dr. Seuss

The magic of starting

First blog posts, first steps in a new direction... starting can be the hardest part.Okay. So this is my first post on Audrey... and my mind is as blank as a solitary iceberg shunned by even the most unsociable polar bear. (Er, yeah, I do have a tendency to use extravagant analogies.) Even though I've published… Continue reading The magic of starting