Why I write

Words are magical. Here's why I write mine down. This morning someone asked me why I write. I hesitated, considering my answer. "To express the things I don't know how to communicate in any other way." I responded. "Yeah," came the reply, "But why do you have to publish them? Why don't you keep it… Continue reading Why I write


I've written about words. Now, I'm thinking about something I love just as much: its polar opposite - silence. If you know me, you know I love words. I love the way they can be channelled into a stream of meaning and expression. But words, whether constructed into eloquent sentences or jumbled into awkward utterances… Continue reading Silence

The Element of Fire

So we've arrived at the last of my Elements series. I've had fun writing them; hopefully you've enjoyed reading them. I've saved the most intimidating for last: Fire. Fierce and ferocious. Consuming, burning, unforgiving... To me, fire is that energy you feel when something matters. That fire that seems to ignite in your soul when… Continue reading The Element of Fire

The Element Of Air

Is anyone else as fascinated by the four elements as I am? The way that human characteristics can mirror certain aspects of them? The way that we can be inspired by them? I've arrived at the element I find most inspiring: Air. It's funny, but I noticed that my post about Earth seems quite grounded. In… Continue reading The Element Of Air

4 Things I Love About Audrey Hepburn

I discovered this morning that today, May the fourth, as well as being Star Wars day, was the day that Audrey Hepburn was born, in 1929. As she is the namesake of this blog, as well as the reason behind one of my nicknames, I feel that I owe her more than a simple retweet… Continue reading 4 Things I Love About Audrey Hepburn

A Thing Called Love

Love is like a bee, stubbornly buzzing in the heart. Maybe there’s a reason... It's funny, fear is often viewed in an uncomplicated way - it’s simply fear. That gut-churning apprehension when you're waiting for bad news to be disclosed. That fluttering anxiousness that precedes a venture into the unknown. Phobias, danger - one feeling: fear. Not… Continue reading A Thing Called Love

For The Love Of Dr. Seuss

Last week I shared a quote from Oh The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss. It's too much of a gem to not share more. I love Oh The Places You'll Go. I think it’s one of the marvellous Dr. Seuss’s most fantastic works. It follows a little human through the voyage of life. Pushing boundaries.… Continue reading For The Love Of Dr. Seuss

The truth about Tantra

Quite a few of you have shown interest in yoga, so allow me to be your humble guide on your expedition into a key principle in yoga, and, in fact, life: Tantra. My imagination is seriously overactive but I can't help but think how awesome it is that, via my keyboard and your smartphone/ device of choice, we're… Continue reading The truth about Tantra

Something about Audrey…

I've been thinking about Audrey. Those thoughts may have gone a bit deep... It's been a week since I seriously considered starting my own blog. To set sail on the tumultuous ocean of the blogosphere like an adventuring pirate. Who knows what lies ahead? What wonders to witness, what storms to endure? Does the future… Continue reading Something about Audrey…


There's something magical about words; for me, one in particular. I love words. I love the way they can be moulded into a form of expression, collected to create a book; the way they compliment each other in a poem or are assembled in a quote... Words combine to create something that is much more… Continue reading Somehow