Loves of September

I suggested it, you wanted it and now you're gonna get it! Except for the people who didn't vote on my online poll and are in no way responsible for Audrey's new 'monthly faves' feature... and will also have no idea what I'm talking about. Anyways, here's my loves of September:   TV Show: 'Babylon Berlin' I can't remember how I came across… Continue reading Loves of September

Broken Safety Nets

I've been working on a post about Nadis and Chakras, the body's energy centres. Today I can't bring myself to write any more about it - it's like poking an open wound. At the weekend I went to physio for my hip. To put it briefly, the muscles that should support my hips in their sockets… Continue reading Broken Safety Nets

4 Things I Love About Audrey Hepburn

I discovered this morning that today, May the fourth, as well as being Star Wars day, was the day that Audrey Hepburn was born, in 1929. As she is the namesake of this blog, as well as the reason behind one of my nicknames, I feel that I owe her more than a simple retweet… Continue reading 4 Things I Love About Audrey Hepburn