About me

Hi, welcome to my blog, Audrey. I’m Becs (not Audrey).

I’ll explain: ‘Audrey’ is a nickname I’ve acquired alongside my usual one of ‘Becs’ since I got my hair cropped (Audrey Hepburn). It’s a nickname I’m quite fond of – to be associated in any way with the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF who prioritised love and authenticity is awesome. Throw in her beautiful looks, fashion sense and a finesse that even Bruno Mars would be envious of, and who would complain?

Anyway. I’m a 23 year old studying for a BA(Hons) Arts & Humanities. Aspiring writer and avid reader with a tendency to think deep and philosophise. On Audrey, I’m planning to share some of my less nonsensical musings, randomly inspired by a quote, a concept, yoga… Here’s hoping that someone, somewhere, might enjoy reading them.

Thanks for being here; I’d love to hear from you, whether it’s a comment on here or social media😊